New Meme Token “LOGE” Bringing ‘Move to Earn’ to ‘Middle Earth’, Exciting Investors

New Meme Token “LOGE” Bringing ‘Move to Earn' to ‘Middle Earth', Exciting Investors

Cape Coral, FL, August 31, 2022 — The ‘Move to Earn’ craze has been long overdue for innovation, and a new fantasy themed token is taking that challenge head on. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “what would happen if Doge stumbled into Middle Earth”, it seems LOGE is finally answering that question.

LOGE is a low-tax cryptocurrency meme token with utility focused on its move to earn app “Walk-to-Logedor”. Based on the legendary fantasy works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Doge has made its way into Loge’s version of Middle Earth to become the LOGE of the Rings, the Lord of the Doges.

Investor hype is already soaring, with support coming in from major influencers in the space, not to mention the presale filled in less than one minute. Partnerships and advisors include Connector Coin, Blockchain Secrets, Lowgun Paul, Dababy, Rockstar, and Robotic; all of which have been advisors on multiple tokens with all-time-highs in the tens of millions of dollars. When diving into the project’s upcoming plans, it’s easy to see why.

Launching August 31st, 2022, the token boasts a revolutionary new take on the move to earn series by incorporating random challenges and encounters, NFTs to boost earn rate, and various rewards ranging from tokens, NFTs, and LOGE merch. The Walk-to-Logedor app will span the full lengths of “Meta Earth” (their take on Tolkien’s ‘Middle Earth’), from the rolling hills of Logeire to the fiery wastelands of Logedor, all with accurate distances derived from the source material. The “random encounters and challenges” part seems to be a focal point, giving a sense of interactivity beyond your standard “walk and earn tokens” norm. When a random encounter pops up on your journey, you’re given a scenario and offered choices that can either help or hurt your progress depending on which you choose.

Reaching each iconic location in Middle Earth rewards players with a beautifully designed location NFT so that users can proudly display how far their quests have taken them. Twelve locations will be available at launch to travel to.

LOGE’s presale launched August 30th on Pinksale, but a highly coveted whitelist spot was required to participate. Did we mention that the presale filled in less than a minute? With so many projects struggling to attract investors, that point is worth repeating.

LOGE’s motto is “adventure begins with a single step”, and it looks like investors can’t wait to take the first step towards their adventure.





Dave Ruiz

Loge of the Rings

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