The World Of Veses Offers an Alluring Play-to-Earn Experience For Gaming Enthusiasts

The World Of Veses Offers an Alluring Play-to-Earn Experience For Gaming Enthusiasts

Miami, FL — The gaming industry is extremely popular among youngsters. The same goes for the crypto industry. Together these high-yielding industries have become the center of attraction not only for the youth but also for capitalists looking for fruitful investments. An innovative idea that has surfaced recently is the creation of a universe that allows you to play games, earn $WVT, create NFTs, compete with other gamers, and trade with other gamers. 

A Dive into Veses’ Universe

Imagine a universe that allows you to do all sorts of stuff. Veses is one such ultimate universe that allows you to earn $WVT through gaming, devising NFTs, and trade. To attain the topmost positions and earn collectibles one has to contest in games that require a great deal of brainwork. All the games have common features that include:

  • Leveling: By winning you can uplift your game character (hero).
  • Upgrade: By burning tokens one can avail the unique opportunity of upgrading their hero.
  • Explore: The World of Veses holds numerous opportunities for everyone.
  • Land: A world within a world. Veses allows you to gather collectibles and create your world.
  • Craft: Designing NFTs is also a great way to be productive.
  • Earn: through gaming and trading one can earn $WVT.

Exhilarating Heroes

Heroes can mainly be classified into 3 types:

  • Summoner
  • Gunner
  • Sword Master

Each hero has been awarded phenomenal abilities. Moreover, each of them has distinctive stats that can be used to decide which hero would be the best choice to win a battle.

One can easily level up their hero by two methods. Either they compete with bosses in the dungeon or with other players. For each win, your hero gets promoted to a higher level. The greater the level of a hero the more traits it possesses.

Each hero also has a rarity level. The greater the rarity of a hero the more distinctive his style is. Heroes with greater rarity also have a greater chance of winning battles and bonuses. Heroes can be classified according to their rarity into 3 types:

  • Common Hero
  • Epic Hero
  • Legendary Hero

Choose Your Own Skill Set

Prior to contesting a battle each player is asked to opt for a hero together with a skill of their choice. Skills are grouped together on the type of effect that they tend to have. They are grouped into 3 skill sets:

  • Effect Skill: An effect skill allows one to control the amount of influence on self, enemies, and allies.
  • Damage Skill: Ameliorates the amount of damage done in a specific time.
  • Support Skill: Improvises defense against enemy attacks.

Game Mode and Hero Upgrade

Every player has different abilities and traits. Some get along well with teams while some do not. Keeping this in mind, Veses Universe has designed numerous game modes. Gamers may contest in modes that best suit their abilities. 

These modes of Veses Universe include:

  • Dungeon
  • Battle Ground (Solo/ Duo)
  • Deathmatch

Individuals wishing for stronger base attributes for their heroes can upgrade their heroes by utilizing the $WVT that they possess. This highly advantages the heroes whose stats are improved by 1.5% for each level up. 

Get Your Land Now and Start Harvesting

Land in the Veses Universe can be divided into 3 categories based on its rarity:

  • Common Land 
  • Rare Land 
  • Legendary Land 

Common Land offers the least benefits in harvesting and crafting material while Legendary Land offers the most. There are 5 types of Common Land, 3 types of Rare Land, and only 1 type of Legendary Land. The Lands of each rarity have a limited land supply. 

$WVT Ecosystem

The official trading token of Veses is $WVT. This token can be utilized as a currency in gaming. Players can make the most out of it by buying heroes and craft items or upgrading their heroes. The token can be transferred between traders, via chat for the purchase of NFTs. $WVT can also be obtained by gaming through Veses Universe’s Play-to-Earn feature.


One can expect great rewards when opting for the Staking Feature offered by World of Veses. Locking up the token diminishes the circulating supply of the token thus greatly ameliorating its price. Users who stake $WVT receive great rewards in return.

To get more information about the World of Veses, visit their official website or check out the whitepaper.

Ryan Silveira

World of Veses


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